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Single Article

Ideal solution for customized packages


SAVE 25%

$35/1K words

5K Words Package

Ideal solution for bulk content, long form articles and pillar content


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$175/5K words

10K Words Package

Ideal solution for a monthly content schedule


SAVE 30%

$350/10K words

Scalable Content that fulfills the unique requirements of your brand

You don’t have to commit to a big content calendar. You can customize each order depending on your weekly or monthly content needs

Our service is a great option to boost stale and abandoned websites. We can kickstart organic traffic in a few months.

All of our writers have 5+ years of industry experience. We make sure to pair you with someone who can capture your unique brand voice while following the instructions of our SEOs.

Guesswork doesn’t have a place in our SEO strategy. We utilize premium tools as well as the vast experience of our editors to optimize your content.

A consistent and unique writing style will help you stand out from the competition.

So, how does this work?

Step 1: Constant Content

The average blog publishes x3-4 times per week. In order to maximize your organic traffic, compel your readers to take action, and become an authority in your niche you need a strict publishing schedule.

We can provide any amount of words on a monthly basis to fill out your content calendar!


Step 2: Brand Consistency

We don’t shoot in the dark! Your online identity needs to be consistent across the board, and content is no exception. We match you with a writer that will produce posts using your brand voice and style to provide a fulfilling and smooth user experience.

Step 3: SEO Friendly Content

The Google algorithm has become sophisticated. You need engaging content that obeys the unofficial SEO guidelines. Once the post is written, a human editor and SEO expert will make the necessary changes and insert the right keywords to help you land on the first page of Google.

And if you aren’t happy with the end result, you can always request a revision.


Step 4: 1000 to 10,000+ Words

Choose your plan each month. You don’t have to commit to a large number of words right now. We can work within your budget! Having this kind of flexibility means your strategy is dynamic and adaptable to the ever-changing digital environment.

Still not convinced? Request content samples

If you are interest in reviewing our writing samples. Please enter your name and email address below and we’ll send you an email containing list of already published URLs as sample, for you to review and make your decision:

Why is content the most important thing on your website?

The way Google ranks websites has changed significantly over the years. In the past, you could get great results by writing a couple of articles every few weeks.

But the fact of the matter is that competition and a saturated market have increased the minimum content you need to land on the first page. You simply need to write more posts (longer posts!) every week compared to 5 years ago. 

Also, the algorithm can often be unforgiving if you don’t follow the unofficial Google guidelines.

So, if you don’t get that right… social media, videos, design won’t make a dent in your SEO! They take a secondary role that merely supports an optimized blog article.


How much content is enough?


There’s this idea that more is better. And that’s definitely true to an extent. This is why our PAYG content services give you enough flexibility to maximize your budget.

But, if we’re talking pure numbers, our research suggests that between 3-4 posts every week gives you the best ROI. Simply put, if you aren’t committed to a regular publishing schedule your results will be suboptimal.

Keep in mind that the algorithm rewards well-researched, unique, and longish (1800+ words) articles. So, generic copy-paste blog posts won’t cut it. You need to take a holistic approach to your content strategy that includes niche research, SEO, and keyword optimization.

Content Boost with the Authority Magnet Blog Article Service

We recognize that every website is different. Not only that, it’s affected in different ways every time the algorithm changes. 

This is why we offer you enough flexibility to accommodate the unique requirements of your brand.

You don’t have to commit to a fixed amount of words every month!

Instead, you’re welcome to min-max your budget, and continuously shift your strategy according to the seasonal changes in traffic. 

  • About to launch a product? Order more words.
  • New online trend? Capitalize it today. 
  • Summer traffic slump? Bounce back quickly.

This is the way you’ll be able to stay relevant in 2022!


Outlining the Authority Magnet Blog Writing Service Service

(What we do step by step)

strategy session

Step 1: In the Situation Room

The moment your order is placed, we rush to the Situation Room (ahem… Slack) and we start brainstorming. Strategy, long-term goals, best and worst case scenarios. We develop a comprehensive plan with actionable steps to ensure a smooth operation on our part. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax.

High-Quality Content Creation

Step 4: The Perfect Writer for you

Content in bulk doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. We have a large pool of writers with 5+ years of experience that can handle even the most demanding writing schedule. More than that, you’ll get paired with a writer who can translate your vision into words while following your brand voice as closely as possible.

100% Unique, High-Quality Content

Step 2: Understanding your Brand

Generic content translates to… generic results. But we want to give you an edge over your competition. And that requires an intimate understanding of your website(s) and content needs. Once we have a clear vision of your market, your place in it, and your long-term plans we’ll be able to deliver your words hassle-free!

website content

Step 5: SEO and Keyword Research

An SEO editor will oversee the whole process, making sure common sense Keyword Research and SEO etiquette is being followed. We utilize premium tools but we don’t rely exclusively on them. Live data and the first-hand experience of our SEOs are the keys to satisfying the algorithm.


Step 3: Research and Planning

Each niche requires a unique approach when it comes to writing. The image of your brand is the way you communicate with your readers. The first step to creating a clear identity and establishing yourself as an authority is figuring out what kind of content your audience wants. And how they want it delivered.

Step 6: Between 1,000 and 20,000 words delivered each month

So, what’s next? First of all, we pat ourselves on the back. Now, we’ll reassess our strategy, iron out any hiccups we encountered along the way, and communicate to you what we think the next step should be.

So, what do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

A quality post can take 3-5 hours to write. If you include preliminary research, editing, and on-page SEO you can easily spend up to 7-8 hours on a single blog post!

Even if you only publish twice a week, that’s 14-16 hours! 

So, the question becomes: do you have 56 hours to commit to your content strategy?

There are many parameters we can’t control. The domain age, market saturation, keyword competition, etc. So, we like to focus on things we can control like SEO, valuable content, consistent publishing schedule, smart and realistic content strategy. 

So, our promise is that your organic traffic will grow considerably over the coming months and years.

You’ll get a chance to communicate your requirements and any special requests before our team starts working. 

You’re also entitled to revisions.

It’s simple! 

PAYG content means that you tell us how many words you need for your website and we deliver.

Content management means that we’ll take over the content strategy of your website. From keyword research and competitor analysis to content planning, uploading and publishing.

We avoid working within the adult niche. Other than that, we’re confident we can bring results in every market!

You can package as many words in your order as you like and break it down to as long per article length as you like.

For example, if you need 25k words, order 2X10k package + 1x5k package. Then you can divide that into as low as 25 or even 50 articles.

Yes! If you’re an agency looking to place orders in bulk, we offer exclusive discounts and other perks, like a VIP dashboard, to assist you.

We’d try to accommodate you but it’s not always possible. Fortunately, all of our writers have 5+ years of experience, so quality will remain consistent!

You can contact our support to discuss the schedule of the writer that worked on your order. The content manager will let you know if they can help you with this request.

None! We actually encourage you to trust the process and let our team do the heavy lifting. Of course, you’re welcome to participate if you wish but it’s not necessary. Just relax. Go have fun. Work on big picture ideas. We’ll take care of everything!

It’s easy. Pick a plan that suits your needs, place an order, fill out a form. It’ll take you between 20-30 minutes. We can take it from here. Welcome to Authority Magnet!