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What is The Authority Magnet?

At Authority Magnet Co., we believe that there is a better way of marketing SEO and gain higher rankings. A more personalized, responsible and sustainable way where customers are earned rather than bought. 

We are passionate about our customers, and their problems, which they face while getting help with their SEO. And Authority Magnet Co. is the way to help people achieve it!

We focus on taking care of all the SEO services which includes, content writing, guest posts, niche edits and affiliate websites. Manage everything for our clients with 24/7 customer support. 

We are excited to simplify the way of doing content marketing for everyone. Everyone is into marketing these days, but not everyone can do marketing without proper marketing solutions. 

Authority Magnet Co. ensures to fulfill those needs and serve our clients better.

What is The Authority Magnet team like?

In one word? Swell. Team Authority Magnet is a team of 50+ talented experts in every field. Each member possesses highlighted skills in stimulating ways to enhance productivity in their respective fields. 

Our mantra? “We bustle hard and chill harder.” The ambiance is witty, light, and very unbiased, plus we SLAY!

A surefire recipe for team success? We are a great team because we communicate, provide opportunities for each member to lead, contribute to productive collaboration, and, most importantly–understand each other to work well together!

A united team helping clients and handling portfolios worth $2M. 

We have project teams, self-managed teams, virtual teams, and operational teams, bustling harder every day to bring success!

Why work with The Authority Magnet?

The question is why not work with The Authority Magnet? Don’t even let us start‌ on benefits for you! But we are going to say, anyway. 

Flexible holidays if you wish to take a leave or want to work. No restrictions on the calendar. Yay! 

What did you say? Do we offer opportunities and growth? YES, we do!

And no, you don’t have to worry about our toxic culture because we have none!

Like we said, we bustle hard and chill harder.

You, being a part of us, get to team up with talented and fast-paced members from whom you can learn so much more! Talent + You = Authority Magnet success!

Whether you are a content writer or an SEO executive, or a designer, we want you! 

The fun side of us? We are chucklesome and professional. Yes, both. 

If you are someone looking for the depictions of what we explained above about ourselves? Join us! Become a part of something extraordinary and huge, and show off your skills!

Perks and Benefits

Competitive Salary: We make sure the right talent gets what they deserve. We set the par above the industry standards, which distinguish us from the others.

Team Pizza: Whenever we hit milestones, we enjoy crave-worthy pizza! Small or big, every step matters!

Company-wide bonuses: We believe that every team member deserves to be rewarded for hard work, even if their position is not directly tied to revenue. We incentivized hard work with bonuses for hitting company targets. 

Award-Winning Office: The office environments ensures that its second home to you where you have to spent a major chunk of your time. No wonder, the amenities are the best.

Wellness Plan: Mental health matters! Work can cause a lot of stress sometimes, even if you love what you do, which is why our wellness plan will be your rescuer. 

Healthy Snacks: When its the day, snacks are on the way. Not too healthy for the body, but sure is for mind.

Paid Holidays: You get what you deserve. The company compliances with the Sick, Casual , Earned and Restricted leaves as per the labor law norms and our corporate policy.

Want more?  We are never done growing and evolving, and one staple of our culture is “ask for what you want and need”. If you want something not listed here, just ask! Many of our benefits are employee suggestions.

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