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Develop a Vertical Content Strategy with Authority Magnet

Establish Authority in your Niche

Dominate your niche and stand out in a saturated market.

Attract the Right Audience

Turn random visitors into loyal fans ready to take action and engage with your brand

Beat Google

Climb the SERPs. Rank on the #1 page. Win the algorithmic game.

Why should Content Writing be an integral part of your online business?

Attract the right readers. Become a brand they can trust.

On average, people spend 6 hours and 58 minutes online every day. Time spent consuming content, engaging with brands, and scrolling their social media feeds. Having an online identity is imperative. Otherwise, you’re playing a losing game before you even begin your venture!

It’s no surprise given the digitalization of our culture – most of us are hanging out online!

You might say “Oh, there’s enough for everyone then”

Well… no.

There are over 1 billion (1,169,621,187 to be precise) websites live right now. And the average website gets less than 500 unique visitors per month. In fact, the first 2 Google results for a search term account for 50% of the overall traffic.

What differentiates a successful brand/project/blog from a failing one? Yes, you guessed it right. Content!

See, humans are social creatures. We don’t like raw numbers. We love stories. We love knowing that the person behind the brand is real. And one of the most effective and high ROI ways to do that is by writing; expressing your vision and mission in a relatable way.

A vertical content strategy provides free value, helping others and increasing trust and perceived authority.

7 in 10 customers will engage with a brand they trust while abandoning the rest.

A bare-bones website doing the bare minimum will barely survive an already saturated market. 

This is why content writing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.


Organic vs Paid Traffic

Pros of Paid Traffic

  • Instant results
  • Test new ideas fast
  • Easy to segment your audience
  • Measurable and predictable outcomes

Cons of Paid Traffic

  • Can get expensive quick
  • Narrow audience
  • Doesn’t inspire trust
  • Traffic stops when you stop running ads

Pros of Organic Traffic

  • Qualified and consistent traffic
  • Improves brand awareness
  • Increases brand trust
  • Audience primed to take action
  • Long-term results beat ALL other traffic channels

Cons of Organic Traffic

  • Takes time to grow
  • Volatility in the early stages
  • SEO can become extremely complicated

As you can see, there are benefits to both traffic channels. Ideally, you should incorporate organic traffic AND paid traffic. Yet, if you’re looking for long-term results in 2, 3, 5+ years, organic traffic should be a priority.

The Necessity of Content Writing Services

You can’t do this alone without spending 15+ hours writing every week!

Here’s what every successful blog owner does every week for their content strategy:

  • Spends at least 3-4 hours doing keyword research
  • Writes on-brand content (at least 8k words)
  • Optimizes for the engine (SEO)
  • Edits and proofreads
  • Creates design elements, comparison tables, and other graphics
  • Uploads and Publishes each post

All in all, this process might take up to 30 hours – excluding the content planning and general strategy. But we’ve left something out…

The “blog owner” is a team of 5 to 10 people. Writers, SEO experts, designers, website operators.

The supersaturation and competitiveness online means that every successful website has a team behind pumping out content. 

Ten years ago you could toil and moil, write all of the content yourself and organic traffic would grow. You can still be a one-man show. It’s just that, from experience, we know it’ll take you at least 3-5 years to see the results we can deliver in 1 year.

This is why you need the Authority Magnet Content Writing Services! It’s as simple as that.

SEO and Content

The 4 Content Writing Services We’re Offering

We quickly realized that every project has different requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the same people. This is why we’ve split our team and trained them specifically for each service you’re about to check out. You’ll get a dedicated group of 5-10 writers, designers, editors. All masters in their craft!

Outline of the Authority Magnet Link Building Services

(What we do step by step)

Step 1: In the Situation Room

The moment your order is placed, we rush to the Situation Room (ahem… Slack) and we start brainstorming. Strategy, planning, long-term goals, best and worst case scenarios. We develop a comprehensive plan with actionable steps to ensure a smooth operation on our part. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax.

write guest post

Step 4: Writing the Content

We use an internal protocol when it comes to executing the content strategy. We begin with planning the content and KW research. Then create a brand style guide which will remain the blueprint in the future. The writer creates the first draft which is then edited by our team. Back to another writer that brings everything together in the final document. SEO and SERP optimization, finishing touches here and there, and we’re good to go!


Step 2: Top-to-Bottom Website Analysis

We’ll identify the relative position of your website in the market, as well as the demands of your niche. Number of links, SERPs, and competitor analysis will be helpful in determining the kind of content you need. Each online brand requires a different approach, so we research, research, research!

Step 5: Data-Driven Content Strategy

Our job doesn’t end when we hit publish. We still need to pay attention to performance metrics, audience engagement, and traffic in general. There are a lot of moving pieces. Content strategy is dynamic. The Google algorithm can change overnight. In that case, we must also change our plan overnight!

Create Editorial Content & Publication

Step 3: Meet your Team

You’re assigned to a dedicated team of writers, editors, and operators that will work with you. They’ll go the extra mile to learn the peculiarities of your brand or website portfolio. So, every time you order our content services, this group of people will already know what you need, making the whole process smooth and efficient.

website content

Step 6: Your Post Is LIVE

So, what’s next? First of all, we pat ourselves on the back. Have a little office celebration and eat that weird cake sitting in the fridge since Christmas … Anyway, now we’ll reassess our strategy, iron out any hiccups we encountered along the way, and communicate to you what we think the next step should be. Here’s to many more posts!

So, what do you think?