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Engine-friendly guest posts with in-content links that drive real traffic to your website.


Basic Plan​

Ideal solution for beginners


SAVE 40%


Growth Package

Ideal solution for growth


SAVE 40%


Advanced Package

Perfect for high competition


SAVE 40%


Guest Posts the algorithm approves and your audience will eat up

All of our websites go through a 23-point quality control checklist before they are considered for any of our campaigns!

Done-for-you prospecting of niche relevant websites. Large databases of already tried and tested partners.

Contextual, in-content link. Smack dab in the core area of the page.

White glove manual outreach. No spammy tactics. Real websites, measurable organic traffic.

You approve every single link before we build a link for you on that website. Not only that, we let you approve title, content and basically all parts of the process!

Guest posts on tap. Bulk orders to fulfill all of your digital needs.

So, here’s how it works:

Create a brief

  • Order details & create a brief
  • Website selection and article title
  • Website and order details approval


Our team goes to work

  • A dedicated writer crafts your guest post
  • SEO editor works his magic
  • We negotiate with the owners of niche-relevant websites
Tada! You receive an email notification that your link is live.

Track Progress and Traffic

Login to your dashboard to check the status of your links, find detailed reports, communicate with the team, and strategize the next step.

Easy, right?


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Do I need a guest post to drive traffic to my website?

The answer is… no. If you do everything right, your link might end up on a handful of websites in the span of 5 years.

But there’s a reason 76% of marketers spend 8.8 hours per week on average on their guest post strategy. You’re simply jumping the SEO line by MONTHS.

And given how saturated today’s market is, your competition is definitely sending multiple guest post requests to reputable blogs and websites as we speak. All it takes is a little bit of extra efforts, and some targeted quality links to become an authority in your niche and displace you from the SERPs.

So, we want to change your answer to… yes!

(But don’t worry, with the right partner you can give yourself a head start and make up for lost time by creating a scalable long-term strategy)


Aren’t guest posts spammy and scammy?


Unfortunately, yes. At least the way most people are doing this whole thing…

Most guest post services out there employ gray-hat techniques and automated outreach. Links end up being a nofollow stuffed in obscure areas of the internet.

The result?

Sure, you’re going to get a few fast marketing wins and bloated metrics. But an algorithmic penalty can nuke your business overnight. And that’s a very real risk!

We think the BARE MINIMUM when it comes to guest posting are:

  • Manual Outreach
  • Strick quality control
  • Pre-vetted websites
  • Human and engine-friendly content
  • Permanent in-content links
We do things the hard way to provide security as well as maximize the potential of your website. 

Authority Magnet has Streamlined Guest Post Services

After experimenting with different methods and techniques, we’ve honed our craft. You can now order guest posts in bulk without sacrificing delivery time or quality. This way, we can facilitate growth even in the most demanding and time-sensitive environment.

Our white-hat guest posting solutions have built thousands of permanent links in all popular niches. 

The carefully curated, ever-expanding database includes high DA and DR websites in every niche, so you don’t have to worry about “dud” links. 

And if you’re an agency, we’re open to white label our guest post services, offering competitive prices.

So, what’s the best course of action?

While every website is different, we believe that in order to lay the foundation for becoming an authority in your niche you need a proper link building campaign that runs for 365 days of the year!


Benefits of Choosing the Authority Magnet Guest Post Services

(What we do step by step)


Step 1: In the Situation Room

The moment your order is placed, we rush to the Situation Room and we start brainstorming. Strategy, planning, long-term goals, best and worst case scenarios. We develop a comprehensive plan with actionable steps to ensure a smooth operation on our part. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax.

Step 4: Match your Brand’s Voice

You get a dedicated writer and a dedicated editor. These two people will work with and for you so they can really match your style. You don’t want empty traffic. The people who visit your site must have a genuine interest in your content so they can convert into long-term readers. And the only way to do that is SHOW who you are and what you are about.

niche breakdown

Step 2: Niche Breakdown

Using digital geolocation we’ll map out your niche, where you stand within your market, and what you need to do to become an authority. By collecting this data, we can accurately hunt down the places your audience hangs out and lure them in!

strategy session

Step 5: Quality Control and Reports

We keep auditing and eliminating websites from our database. This is also true for links that are removed. It rarely happens but when it does, you’re eligible for a replacement. Starting with Step 1, we’ll begin manual outreach again while assessing what went wrong. We consider ourselves your marketing partner, not a cheap digital shop!

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

There are central nodes in each market where traffic flows back and forth. The purpose of our guest post services is to place your links within the SEO grid and redirect the traffic back to you. Our proprietary methods and tools allow us to get into the minds of your competitors and understand their strategies. We can preemptively “strike” by offering you a positional advantage.

Step 6: Your Guest Post is LIVE

So, what’s next? First of all, we pat ourselves on the back. Now, we’ll go through our strategy once again, iron out any hiccups we encountered along the way, and communicate to you what we think the next step should be. Here’s to many more guest posts!

So, what do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

Most website owners are spending ~28 hours per month negotiating, writing and publishing for every single guest post. It’s an integral part of a holistic marketing strategy to keep your blog relevant and establish authority in your niche. It’s your call!

Yes! If you’re an agency looking to place orders in bulk, we offer exclusive discounts and other perks, like a VIP dashboard, to assist you.

Simply put… trial and error! While we do have a 23+ point checklist we use internally, we’ve been doing this for 5+ years. We know where and how to look for red flags, stale content, and nofollow links. Our website database is filled to the brim with people we trust to deliver results.

First of all, if someone makes a promise like this, run! OK, we’re only kidding. But there’s some truth to this. There are many many MANY parameters we can’t always control, like market saturation, your niche, the age of your domain, targeted keywords etc. What we CAN guarantee is that we’ll maximize the potential of your website. Hopefully, this means a top 5 position in 6-12 months for your target search terms if your on-page SEO is on-point.

Again, if someone makes a promise like this, run! We do not make any such promises.

But, if you do everything properly, meaning good content, great on-page SEO and keep consistent with your content and link velocity, you will definitely be rewarded with increased traffic by the Big G.

The risk isn’t worth it. All it takes is one algorithmic penalty and your online business will fail. We don’t want to sacrifice long-term results for a few early marketing wins. After all, our reputation is on the line!

We avoid working within the adult and illegal niches. Other than that, we’re confident we can bring results in every market!

None! We actually encourage you to trust the process and let our team do the heavy lifting. Of course, you’re welcome to participate if you wish but it’s not necessary. Just relax. Go have fun. Work on big picture ideas. We’ll take care of everything!

Yup! You’ll approve everything before we publish your link.

Meaning you have complete control over approving/rejecting websites, reviewing/approving content, titles etc.

Basically, our service can be as hands off as you want or you can stay as involved you want!

Yes. In rare cases the link is removed, you’re entitled to a full refund or a new link free of charge.

We provide a 365-day link guarantee, which means if the link is removed, changed to nofollow, or such issues arise within the 365 days of us building it for you, we will get it fixed or completely replace with a link of similar value at no additional cost to you.

Of course. Doesn’t work otherwise. People don’t respond to templated, automated outreach which are sent to thousands of websites in one go.

Our process cultivates relationship with webmasters and ensure both parties remain happy with the overall process.

Having a human write and edit your guest post is the bare minimum when it comes to link building. So, no. We don’t use any software to generate content.

Because we are one of the oldest outreach link building companies out there, we have been outreach for years now.

During this time, we have cultivated a relationship with a lot of genuine websites in different niches.

It actually helps our customers in saving on the cost, faster turn-around times and security of the links!

It’s easy. Pick a plan that suits your needs, place an order, fill out a form. It’ll take you between 20-30 minutes. We can take it from here. Welcome to Authority Magnet!

However, we will not be able to process any refund or cancellation once the order is completely fulfilled.