Keyword Research Service

Unlock the potential of your blog through Authority KW research

Keyword Research Service

Basic Plan​

20-Low Hanging Fruits


SAVE 30%


Volume and competition depends upon the niche of your website as well as your present website authority.

Growth Package

50-Low Hanging Fruits


SAVE 40%


Volume and competition depends upon the niche of your website as well as your present website authority.

Advanced Package

100-Low Hanging Fruits


SAVE 40%


Volume and competition depends upon the niche of your website as well as your present website authority.

Receive a list of Keywords that will push your website to the #1 position

We identify where you stand in your market to better calibrate our KW research

You need both to grab every bit of traffic. The low-hanging fruit as well as the high monthly volume keywords.

We collect each keyword based on the search intent of your audience while taking into consideration how the engine responds to each category.

Geo-specific words, adjectives and adverbs, buyer intention prepositions.

Receive a report with actionable information and recommendations.

Can’t do everything by the book! We combine premium tools as well as the intuitive knowledge of our expert SEOs.

So, here’s how it works:

Create a brief

  • What’s your niche?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What keywords are you ranking for already?

Our team goes to work

  • Develop a keyword research strategy
  • Use premium tools and creative tactics
  • Group KWs based on search intent
You receive a list of keywords you can utilize right now.

Track Progress and Add Modifiers

Our job doesn’t end here! We’ll keep an eye out for new opportunities based on tangible metrics and data.


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Can you maximize the potential of your website without the Authority Magnet Keyword Research Service?

With numerous premium keyword research tools out there, it’s possible to do some of the work yourself. They’re very easy to use and you’ll have a lot of data available at your fingertips.

But there are two issues:

  • They are available to EVERYONE
  • It takes many hours, trial and error, as well as experience to interpret the data correctly

The reason we’re even offering a keyword research service is that most of our clients came to us after spinning their wheels for months.

We noticed that on paper everything looked great. Yet, after applying some of our methods, it was obvious there was a misalignment between user intent and search results.

Something you won’t be able to pick up (or fix) without the keen eye of a trained SEO editor.

Can you maximize the potential of your website without the Authority Magnet Keyword Research Service

Your Competition is Spying on You

Your Competition is Spying on You

If you’re targeting a keyword… your competition is targeting it as well. And they’re spending their money trying to outpace you, using modifiers, seed keywords, and even grayhat techniques like KW stuffing.

Remember that the tools you’re using are available to everyone so it’s going to be a fierce fight.

But there’s a more sophisticated way to circumvent a saturated market. It has to do with search intent and keyword mapping:

  • Collect
  • Interpret
  • Categorize
  • Analyze
  • Apply

We spend time in forums and social media to learn what the PEOPLE are asking. We then compare our results with what Google is actually showing. 

The next step is to figure out the kind of needs your website is fulfilling.

Four Types of Keywords (and why they matter)

There’s no point in generating traffic if the audience you attract doesn’t match with the readers you want. People that will interact with your brand, click your links, and become loyal fans.

There are four main types of keywords:

  1. Who…
  2. How…
  3. What…
  4. Where…

We can further break down each category into news and trends, navigational, buyer intent, and informational.

People want to find information, know where and how to do things, and what items to buy.

Your blog falls under at least a couple of these categories. And you’ll need a keyword based silo that will structure your website based on the above.

This will provide a great user experience, while also making it very easy for Google to find and rank you.

Four Types of Keywords (and why they matter)

Outlining the Authority Magnet Keyword Research Service

(What we do step by step)

strategy session

Step 1: In the Situation Room

The moment your order is placed, we rush to the Situation Room (ahem… Slack) and we start brainstorming. Strategy, long-term goals, best and worst case scenarios. We develop a comprehensive plan with actionable steps to ensure a smooth operation on our part. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax.

niche breakdown

Step 4: Collect. Categorize. Interpret.

We collect and organize all keywords neatly. We then place them into categories, based on search intent, rank difficulty, and long-term potential. This silo will inform the way you’ll need to structure your content. Lastly, we’ll interpret data by doing human research on Google, spotting weak KWs and misalignment between search terms and search term results.


Step 2: Niche Scanning

Where you are and where you want to go. This will be a detailed overview of your place in the market, as well as the potential of your website in general. It’ll help us figure out the kind of KWs you need to rank for, while also insulating you from the competition.

strategy session

Step 5: Modifiers and Long-term Planning

The algorithm receives frequent updates that can influence our strategy. This is why we continue to monitor how our keyword research is performing, tweaking and optimizing where it’s needed. Adding modifiers and identifying seed keywords are an invaluable part of our keyword research service.

Step 3: Keyword Mapping

Using creative, internal tools we outline a keyword grid in your niche. We identify the major nodes and how they connect with each other. We make recommendations, pairing the right keyword with the right page. This will ensure that not only you’ll rank well, but the audience you’ll attract will also engage with your brand.

write guest post

Step 6: Your Keyword Spreadsheet is delivered!

So, what’s next? First of all, we pat ourselves on the back. Now, we’ll reassess our strategy, iron out any hiccups we encountered along the way, and communicate to you what we think the next step should be.

So, what do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are many premium tools available, we believe that for optimal growth you need the keen eye of experienced SEOs. In plain words, you need someone to interpret data, not just collect a bunch of random words!

Our service aims to not only rank you for specific KWs but also attract an audience that will interact with your brand. 

Our keyword research service includes insights and guidance on the way you’ll need to structure your content, as well as title suggestions, headings, and frequency of KWs.

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Google Knowledge Base
  • Surfer SEO

But keep in mind that using these great services is the BARE MINIMUM when it comes to keyword research!

Yes! If you’re an agency looking to place orders in bulk, we offer exclusive discounts and other perks, like a VIP dashboard, to assist you.

Well, think about it. If you type a question on Google, you expect an answer. And sometimes, your questions are about how-to or where-to. So, what we try to do here is match the search intent of different keywords with the actual search results!

It’s a simple concept that can enhance the user experience. By structuring your content silos using keyword-based themes, you create a digital environment that can capture and retain traffic!

First of all, if someone makes a promise like this, run! OK, we’re only kidding. But there’s some truth to this. There are many many MANY parameters we can’t always control, like market saturation, your niche, the age of your domain, targeted keywords etc. What we CAN guarantee is that we’ll maximize the potential of your website. Hopefully, this means a top 5 position in 6-12 months for at least 2 search terms.

Ah, now that’s a promise we can give you. Yes, your organic traffic will increase if you purchase one of our link-building services.

The risk isn’t worth it. All it takes is an algorithmic penalty and your online business will fail. We don’t want to sacrifice long-term results for a few early marketing wins. After all, our reputation is on the line

We avoid working within the adult niche. Other than that, we’re confident we can bring results in every market!

None! We actually encourage you to trust the process and let our team do the heavy lifting. Of course, you’re welcome to participate if you wish but it’s not necessary. Just relax. Go have fun. Work on big picture ideas. We’ll take care of everything!

It’s easy. Pick a plan that suits your needs, place an order, fill out a form. It’ll take you between 20-30 minutes. We can take it from here. Welcome to Authority Magnet!