Authority Niche Edits

Niche link insertions in aged blogs that pass-on real link juice


Basic Plan​

Ideal solution for beginners


SAVE 40%


Growth Package

Ideal solution for growth


SAVE 40%


Advanced Package

Perfect for high competition


SAVE 40%


Surgical-precision Link Insertions in aged blog posts that are already generating traffic

We choose websites with real organic traffic the algorithm already loves and promotes! All you have to do is scoot over there.

Drink some of the traffic juice without waiting for an SEO miracle. You can save months of praying for that traffic spike by powering up your pages with these powerful link inserts.

We'll choose an existing part of the article to link out to you, or naturally place a new sentence/paragraph to make sure that your anchor text remains highly relevant to the linking page.

You do none of that! We’ll take care of all emails and necessary back and forth with your potential partner.

We avoid PBNs and blog posts created specifically to contain a bunch of spammy outbound links. We use a 23-point checklist to ensure that we only choose the best for you.

So, here’s how it works:

Create a brief

  • What’s your niche?
  • Who are your competitors
  • What are your long-term goals with link building?


Our team goes to work

  • We do a health check-up of the potential host website
  • We go through the necessary negotiations
  • We place your anchor text in the middle of the main content
Tada! You receive an email notification that your link is live.

Track Progress and Traffic

Login to your dashboard to check the status of your links, find detailed reports, communicate with the team, and strategize the next step.

Easy, right?


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Link Building vs Link Insertion: What’s the difference?

The conventional Link Building methods usually include a brand new guest post, ready to be published. While this long-term strategy can be a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, it can take time to bring in new readers.

Link Insertion can jumpstart your online business since the new link is placed in aged posts that already generate traffic. Using an anchor text with a powerful CTA, contextually placed within the main content area, you’ll get a permanent source of new visitors.

You’ll see spikes in sales and other metrics faster!


The Math behind Niche Edits


Let’s say that a blog post gets 3,000 pageviews per month. 

With an average *CTR of 3.5%, your link has the potential to be clicked a whopping 105 times. It might not sound like a lot but in 1 year, this is 1260 new readers. 

Just from ONE link. Now, imagine if you repeated this process x10 times. If we consider the compounding effect and the indirect DA your website will receive, niche edits can transform a struggling newbie blog into an authority.

(*With a conversion-focused anchor text and a direct-response CTA, this % can be increased substantially)

Are Niche Edits against the TOS of Google?

Recently, a lot of SEOs and other marketing experts claim that do-follow links from automated outreach methods can be problematic. 

And this is true if you choose grayhat or blackhat techniques to insert your link. Spammy no-follows in dummy content created specifically for outbound traffic are a red flag.

Other techniques like noncontextual and irrelevant anchor text in PBNs can definitely penalize your website.

These easy marketing wins often come with inflated APIs and disastrous long-term results. You simply don’t need them!

At Authority Magnet, we love to lay a sturdy foundation with manual link insertion campaigns that will bring slow and steady results over many many years! We work to satisfy the engine but also your readers.


Outline of the Authority Magnet Niche Edits Services

(What we do step by step)


Step 1: In the Situation Room

The moment your order is placed, we rush to the Situation Room (ahem… Slack) and we start brainstorming. Strategy, planning, long-term goals, best and worst case scenarios. We develop a comprehensive plan with actionable steps to ensure a smooth operation on our part. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax.

niche breakdown

Step 4: Security and Health Check-Up

We’re very serious when it comes to spammy links and blackhat practices. It’s your business and our reputation on the line! We take full responsibility for doing frequent audits of our list of websites, while also checking the quality of content they’re outlinking to. If something shady goes down, we’ll be the first to notice.

Step 2: Find your Audience

There’s a difference between valuable, niche-specific traffic that converts and uninterested visitors. We strive to find potential readers interested in the subject of your blog. We look everywhere to find people who will genuinely engage with your content.

strategy session

Step 5: Negotiations

We’ve nurtured a mutually beneficial relationship with partners in all popular niches. Not for the sake of doing business. But because we value their hard work, attention to detail, and insight into the industry. You can rest assured your links will be in great hands!

Step 3: Anchor Text

One of our writers will come up with an engaging snippet that will push readers toward your website. A powerful call-to-action can increase the clickthrough rate substantially. This anchor text is nested in the core content area – every visitor is bound to see it!

Step 6: Your Guest Post is LIVE

So, what’s next? First of all, we pat ourselves on the back. Now, we’ll reassess our strategy, iron out any hiccups we encountered along the way, and communicate to you what we think the next step should be. Here’s to many more guest posts! So, what do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re simply choosing the fastlane. By placing links in posts that are already indexed, you can avoid months of waiting. This is a suitable service if you’re looking to jumpstart your website and cut the SEO line.

Yes! If you’re an agency looking to place orders in bulk, we offer exclusive discounts and other perks, like a VIP dashboard, to assist you.

Simply put… trial and error! While we do have a 23+ point checklist we use internally, we’ve been doing this for 5+ years. We know where and how to look for red flags, stale content, and nofollow links. Our website database is filled to the brim with people we trust to deliver results.

You’re welcome to write it yourself but it’s part of the package. We focus on conversion copy and a direct response CTA to push potential visitors to your website.

No! We make sure that your link is placed in the core content area.

Yes. In rare cases the link is removed, you’re entitled to a full refund or a new link free of charge.

We provide a 365-day link guarantee, which means if the link is removed, changed to nofollow, or such issues arise within the 365 days of us building it for you, we will get it fixed or completely replace with a link of similar value at no additional cost to you.

Because we are one of the oldest outreach link building companies out there, we have been outreach for years now.

During this time, we have cultivated a relationship with a lot of genuine websites in different niches.

It actually helps our customers in saving on the cost, faster turn-around times and security of the links!

Of course. Doesn’t work otherwise. People don’t respond to templated, automated outreach which are sent to thousands of websites in one go.

Our process cultivates relationship with webmasters and ensure both parties remain happy with the overall process.

First of all, if someone makes a promise like this, run! OK, we’re only kidding. But there’s some truth to this. There are many many MANY parameters we can’t always control, like market saturation, your niche, the age of your domain, targeted keywords etc. What we CAN guarantee is that we’ll maximize the potential of your website. Hopefully, this means a top 5 position in 6-12 months for your target search terms if your on-page SEO is on-point.

Again, if someone makes a promise like this, run! We do not make any such promises.

But, if you do everything properly, meaning good content, great on-page SEO and keep consistent with your content and link velocity, you will definitely be rewarded with increased traffic by the Big G.

The risk isn’t worth it. All it takes is an algorithmic penalty and your online business will fail. We don’t want to sacrifice long-term results for a few early marketing wins. After all, our reputation is on the line!

We avoid working within the adult and illegal niches. Other than that, we’re confident we can bring results in every market!

None! We actually encourage you to trust the process and let our team do the heavy lifting. Of course, you’re welcome to participate if you wish but it’s not necessary. Just relax. Go have fun. Work on big picture ideas. We’ll take care of everything!

It’s easy. Pick a plan that suits your needs, place an order, fill out a form. It’ll take you between 20-30 minutes. We can take it from here. Welcome to Authority Magnet!