About VIP Area - Authority Magnet Co.

About VIP Area and How to Apply?

Only Available to Existing Customers With $500+ Spend

Huge Discounts and Privileges for VIP Customers

Existing Agency (formerly VIP) Customers can access the VIP Area here >>>>

What Is VIP Area?​

VIP Area is meant for our regular customers and agencies to enjoy higher discounts and more control over the backlinks they order with us. VIP customers get to choose their own sites and place orders, as well as receive special pricing on backlinks they order.

Who Can Apply?

Only customers who have already spent $500+ on our services are eligible to apply. We do not make an exception on this and no matter who you are, you must have ordered $500+ on our services for your request to be considered.

Application Form:

Please fill out the below application form if you qualify: