What is Evergreen Content And Why Do Brands Require It?

what is evergreen content

Content writers often struggle to curate articles that match the trending tastes. These sensational topic-oriented articles bring about a surge in traffic and lead.

However, all fanfare declines when the trends die.

These situations can harm your overall content development results. That’s why content marketers are curating articles that have lasting SEO potential.

Evergreen content is timeless and requires careful integration of ideas to make it work. Often webpreneurs seek professional help from trustworthy agencies like Authority Magnet to curate impactful and evergreen articles.

What is Evergreen Content?

What is Evergreen Content?

By global standards, a reader gets exposed to 6 million blogs per day, and a user skims through 10 posts on average. Out of these posts, blogs date 2 to 3 years back.


Despite being old, they often dominate the first few positions on the search engine results page because of their relevance. They don’t revolve around seasonal topics but address general issues concerning health and fitness.

Such content does not expire and continues to add SEO value to the website in the long run.

Blog posts like ‘How to make ramen at home’, ‘the secrets of Bermuda Triangle,’ or ‘the history of Napoleon Bonaparte’ will continue to grab readers’ attention, irrespective of age and time.

These articles or web pieces are called evergreen content. As the name suggests, bloggers draft content around topics that will never go out of date.

To be precise, these articles are necessary, and audiences of all kinds will always look for them. Therefore, B2B and B2C company executives invest considerable capital in creating evergreen content.


It’s because evergreen content caters to audiences from all walks of life and continuously attracts traffic to the website.

The concept has two distinct sections that every content writer should be aware of:

1. Evergreen Topics

These content topics bear consistent and long-lasting search interest and demand among your target audience. Some of the examples are:

  • How to wear a tie: Working professionals will search for this topic to complete their formal attire.
  • How to get the perfect score in Maths: A common query among school students, and Maths has always been a daunting subject.
  • What is unhealthy food: Every health enthusiast and fitness geek looks for foods to avoid to remain healthy.
  • Difference between SEO and PPC: Most budding content strategists search for differences between SEO and PPC to plan their marketing approaches.

2. Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

It’s a type of SEO content that continues to rank higher on the SERP past its publication date. Some of the evergreen content examples are:

  • 5 Tips to Help Scale Your Google Ranking: Digital entrepreneurs aim to increase their search engine positioning for better business growth. Therefore, content elucidating the steps to improve search engine ranking never goes out of date.
  • How to Plant a Sapling: Gardening is one of the common hobbies, and many have taken it up as a landscaping profession. Queries like this remain in demand.
  • Glossary of Sustainability Terms: Glossaries are one of the most-fetched articles that are continually in demand. Whether it contains word meanings of sustainability or search engine optimization, audiences always need a glossary to help them identify and understand the relevant terms.

Note: Football or baseball scores aren’t evergreen content because they’ll grow old when new games occur, and none will visit that webpage. However, writing about five famous football players from a decade can be evergreen for football fanatics.

Why is Evergreen Content Important For SEO?

Why Is Evergreen Content Important For SEO?

Regarding content publishing, most content writers are intrigued and anxious about the varied Google ranking factors that determine the SERP position. In addition, suitable keyword density and on-page SEO play a vital role in ascertaining and attracting quality traffic to your website.

Meanwhile, most website admins forget that evergreen content affects the web page’s holistic SEO performance. A few pointers below show the efficacy of evergreen content on SEO:

1. Boosts Organic Traffic

An inevitable effect of evergreen content is the steady flow of visitors to your webpage. It indirectly boosts the page revenue and increases its online visibility over time.

Note: Google prefers web pages searchers love to visit. It determines the content value and how much the visitors rely on the web page. Consequently, the search engine will raise the page ranking by a few spots.

2. Earns More Backlinks

Earns More Backlinks

High-performing evergreen content often gets linked to other web pages over and over. Since backlinking is a significant factor in Google ranking, quality evergreen content will fetch multiple backlinks for your website.

3. Markets Your Social Media Profiles

A content marketer can reuse evergreen content on multiple platforms – that too several times. Such content has limitless potential and doesn’t get outdated soon. Therefore, marketing strategists can share them on social media platforms.

That’s why these blogs are also known as sustainable content.

It does not just save your effort in building new content. But it allows you to reuse its potential without worrying about its relevance or search intent.

4. Scales Website E-A-T

Scales Website E-A-T

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness in the webpage ranking territory. They hold crucial roles in finding a suitable rank for web content across Google.

Quality evergreen content that drives the company revenue and most external web owners link to occasionally leads the niche. Google understands EAT-based content as a valuable resource of information.

Why Do You Need Evergreen Content?

Why Do You Need Evergreen Content?

Whenever a content writer posts SEO-friendly articles on trending topics, it produces a burst of organic traffic and the audience viewership skyrockets. However, soon the metric plummets and the content writer returns to curating more content that will maintain surging SEO scores.

These content pieces are trending topics and attract momentary popularity. If a significant amount of content doesn’t back the website owner, the metric leads to their downfall in SERPs.

That’s why SEO pundits suggest curating evergreen content with long-term SEO benefits and the potential to secure better ranking in the SERP.

Consider the epic Will Smith-Chris Rock incident at the Oscars for a coherent understanding.

Every article that showed up, focusing on the cause and aftermath of the incident, received all the limelight as more audiences clicked on the article links to know more about the situation.

Once the Oscar fever died down, a few readers returned to read those articles. They remained ‘old’ and outdated.

However, articles with titles like ‘5 Famous Oscar Winning Performances’ maintain steady growth in SEO charts. Hardly such evergreen content shows any decline in organic search and audience retention.

Here’s what Ahref has to say about their evergreen content strategy: “We never cover news, fads, or controversial issues that people won’t care about next week. We only target evergreen topics and do everything in our power to create content that is as evergreen as possible.”

Three reasons why you need evergreen content are:

1. Holds Long Shelf-Life

Evergreen content doesn’t expire within a week. Such content grows old with time yet adds value to your website ranking and holds authority for Google to consider a better position in the SERP.

Given their lasting shelf life, content strategists label them as the cornerstone content of a company.


That’s because these articles or blog posts relentlessly contribute towards earning backlinks and domain authority. Your prospective and recurrent client base often flocks to consume such content.

2. Allows Unlimited Usability

Allows Unlimited Usability

Unlike trending content that marketers specifically use for their campaign strategies, evergreen content transcends that limitation and serves several uses. You can use such videos, blogs, or brochures for advertising purposes, training models, and hiring goals.

For instance, create a video on completing a specific task using your products and services. You can include that in your task-force training module or add them to the email marketing footers.

3. Enhances Brand Authority And Trust

Build a strong relationship with your audience through evergreen content. Instead of chasing the next sensational topic, pick a subject that serves the consistent interest of your potential clients.

Marketing analysts believe a company gains authority in the industry only when its audience trusts the branded products and services. With informative and engaging evergreen content, you not only build a strong bond with your customers but grow these customer relationships over the years.

5 Tips to Create Effective Evergreen Content

With the following steps, build quality SEO evergreen content that benefits your website in the long run:

1. Look For Evergreen Topics

Look For Evergreen Topics

Stay away from trending or sensational topics which have temporary legitimacy. Instead, focus on subjects that have consistent search volume.

Research the keywords in the following ways:

  • Keywords with Search Volume: Shortlist some topics you want to write about and research them on keyword explorers like SEMrush and Moz.
  • Identify Positive Trends: Study keyword research reports to identify which keywords are gaining considerable popularity over time and which are failing. Run your findings on Google Trends to confirm your inferences.

2. Find Your Target Audience

After determining the target keywords and relevant secondary keyphrases, decide on the categorized audience base you want to address. Once you know the audience demographics, you’ll know what content format will serve your purpose.

3. Curate 10x Stronger Content

Curate 10x Stronger Content

There needs to be more than just creating straightforward content on evergreen topics.

Instead, aim to build 10x stronger content to rank, attract leads, and convert over time. With the following factors, you can draft the ultra-potent article:

  • Format: Whether it’s How-to, FAQs, or Guides, select the content format that makes the article easily readable.
  • Purpose: Check if the content addresses the user’s pain points and offers reasonable solutions.
  • Uniqueness: Whatever topic you choose, the content has to be fresh. Offering a new viewpoint can boost your chances of ranking higher.
    Ideally, study top-ranking blogs on your topic and cover content gaps by adding new sub-headings.
  • Authority: Express your expertise on the subject and include real-world examples to explain the topic in detail.

4. Avoid Examples of Short Life Span

Content marketing gurus often ascribe how instances of temporary hype can affect the popularity of evergreen content.

For example, content writers refer to the Game of Throne series or similar pop-culture examples. Once the hype dies down, these instances add little to no value to the content.

5. Optimize The Content

Empower your evergreen content for the long haul with various SEO parameters. With on-page and off-page SEO, prepare the article to reach a broader audience base. In addition, insert alt text to images and meta tags to the content for better SERP ranking.

Note: Get help from Authority Magnet’s optimizing specialists to share your content writing burden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that content writers and budding SEO analysts often ask about evergreen content:

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is web content that stays relevant and fresh to the audience for a long time. This content type doesn’t disappear from people’s attention over time and can attract and maintain audiences.

What is a real example of evergreen content?

An evergreen content example is the ‘How To..’ guides. Articles and guides like ‘How To Remove a Tyre from a Car’ or ‘How To Tie a French Braid’ will remain in demand for a long time.

What is evergreen vs. non-evergreen content?

While evergreen content has a definite shelf-life and offers value to your old and new articles, non-evergreen or topical content is bound by a specific timeline. They provide a sense of urgency to the readers for a short duration.

Why create evergreen content?

Bloggers or content writers create evergreen content because it remains relevant for years and offers holistic and long-lasting SEO benefits like organic traffic and potential leads.

How do I choose an evergreen content topic?

Refer to the following steps to choose a topic for evergreen content:
• Step 1: Aim at a specific target group
• Step 2: Identify audience queries
• Step 3: Pick a topic
• Step 4: Research the target keywords
• Step 5: Focus on the long-tailed keywords

Is evergreen content good for SEO?

Yes, evergreen content is extremely good for SEO. Given its long lifespan, it procures lasting SEO impressions for your website.

What is evergreen vs. trending content?

Trending content receives views and traffic instantly and evaporates in visibility from the digital domain once it stops trending. On the contrary, evergreen content may not receive SEO benefits for a while. They aren’t built around a trending topic and will continue to bring in SEO incentives in the future.

What are the top evergreen niches for content?

The three most prominent evergreen niches for content include: health, fitness, lifestyle, technology, career, and finance.

Which industry is evergreen?

An evergreen niche is an industry with long-lasting appeal. They don’t concern seasonal trends and continue to attract audiences with their products and services that are always in demand.

Should I create timely content or evergreen content?

Most content writers set up their content schedule in an 80-20 ratio, i.e., 80% evergreen and 20% timely content. Several others have used the 60-40 ratio.


Evergreen content never goes out of fashion. Exploit such content types to position yourself at the forefront of your industry, educate your audience, and boost your brand reputation.

Although evergreen content appears to be the ultimate sustainable content, curating such articles requires suitable and effective content development strategies. You can’t just dive into content-making; seek expert help from reliable content-writing agencies.

Contact Authority Magnet today and receive unrivaled support in content writing services with abilities to grow and scale your digital business.

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