Authority Done-For-You Affiliate Website

We’ll create an affiliate website that will generate passive income monthly.

Authority Do-It-For-You Affiliate Website

Basic Package

Ideal solution for get off the ground


SAVE 25%


Authority Package

Ideal solution for a affiliate website ready to go authority mode


SAVE 40%


Advanced Package

Ideal solution for more content & links


SAVE 35%


So, how does this work?

Step 1: Website Development

We take care of hosting, development, and management of your affiliate website. An aged domain name is also included in your package, ensuring you get a nice authority boost before we even go live!

A clunky, slow website, with an expired SSL certificate, can completely ruin the user experience.

Weekly audits and upkeep to keep your blog fast and operational 24/7.

Step 1 Website Development
Step 2 Brand Identity

Step 2: Brand Identity

No pre-made cheap themes!

Using design elements and a consistent colour palette, we create a brand that stands out from the competition.

Combined with strategically placed copy, you’ll remain unique in a saturated market of copycats.

Step 3: Affiliate Content

Your posts must honestly answer the queries of your audience. You don’t want “dummy” text that brings the quality of your website down.

We publish often. We optimize for search engines and humans alike. We utilize manual outreach. We use buyer intent keywords to increase conversion rates.

To grow consistently, you need a consistent content strategy!

Step 3 Affiliate Content

Step 4: Rent our team

We create your affiliate niche site from scratch.

For a monthly fee, you get to rent out a team that has landed dozens of blogs on the first page of Google.

So, are you interested?

One-click SEO so you can build happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

This package is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to add another revenue-generating blog to their portfolio
  • Those interested in creating a 100% passive income stream
  • Newbies looking to dip their toes in affiliate marketing
Sounds like you?

We can’t give you a concrete promise. The digital world is dynamic. It changes fast and often.

But we believe a reasonable goal is:

$100 to $500 per month after 6-12 months of continuous work.

If you are already using a web hsoting provider, we’ll use that. The cost of hosting and domain name is included in all packages.

We always try to grab aged domain names since they already have backlinks. But you can still make a special request after placing your order.

Yes. Content will be our main focus when it comes to growing your affiliate website and hitting certain milestones. This includes the link building strategy; manual outreach, negotiations, and guest posts.

Yes! If you’re an agency looking to place orders in bulk, we offer exclusive discounts and other perks, like a VIP dashboard, to assist you.

We avoid working within the adult niche. Other than that, we’re confident we can bring results in every market!

None! We actually encourage you to trust the process and let our team do the heavy lifting. Of course, you’re welcome to participate if you wish but it’s not necessary. Just relax. Go have fun. Work on big picture ideas. We’ll take care of everything!

It’s easy. Pick a plan that suits your needs, place an order, fill out a form. It’ll take you between 20-30 minutes. We can take it from here. Welcome to Authority Magnet!